Technical Problems

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  1. If you have experienced a site outage, please give us the time of the outage and what error message you are getting
  2. If you are having a performance issue, please tell us
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Links and Antidotes

We very much appreciate reader submitted links and Antidotes du Jour. The more, the merrier! Please send them to [email protected]

For links, please put the article headline either as the subject line or in the body of the message, as well as the link. If you have time, please also copy the article proper into the message.

For antidotes, please put “Antidote” in the subject line. Also bear in mind we cannot upload photos bigger than 2 MB.


If you have a comment about an article, please leave it in the comments section! For the most part, we don’t respond to comments submitted by email. We need to give priority to communicating with all readers. Writing new posts come first, making comments when germane comes second, approving comments and site admin are third, and dealing with reader comments submitted privately is fourth, which means most of the time it won’t happen.

We are breaking with convention in not providing contact information for our writers. The reality is that putting out the blog at this volume and with our quality aspirations is extremely taxing. We need to be ruthless about communications not directly related to producing new posts. Moreover, we have found that in the seven years of not publishing our contact information, we still receive impressive volumes of spam and form letters. And parties who are motivated to contact us (such as media booking agents and parties interested in having us speak) have been able to figure out how to locate us.