Saturday, June 22, 2024

Grieving the Family Cat in a Painfully Violent World

Despite large-scale tragedies and wrong, why grieving the death of small friends is not self-indulgent.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/21/2024

~ Today’s Water Cooler: Politics, pandemics; Allan McDonald and the Challenger debacle; Trump erases Biden money advantage after Bragg verdict; unexpected Bourdieu stan ~

Links 6/21/2024

Experts: US Hospitals Prone to Cyberattacks Like One That Hurt Patient Care at Ascension

Hospitals in the US and UK have been hit hard by cyber attacks, leaving practitioners struggling to offer care.

Latest Biometric Surveillance Scandal in UK Reveals Another Dark Side of AI-Powered Big Brother

This is where the truly dystopian applications of AI-powered surveillance technologies meet economics 101.

Russia and Ukraine Trade Drone Strikes on Energy Facilities

Ukraine has increased attacks on Russian energy assets as Russia continues its campaign against the Ukraine grid. Who is doing more damage?

Affordable Home Ownership Can Lead to Stronger Marital Relationships and Higher Birthrates

Quelle surprise! High home purchase costs are denting household formation and thus birthrates. But will policymakers do anything?

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/20/2024

~ Today’s Water Cooler: Politics, syndemics; early voting and October surprises; Trump and the Latino vote; Biden and the Latino vote; mask warriors ~

Project 2025: The US Far-Right Plan to Undermine Democracy and Rights Globally

The Heritage Project 2025 plan is a program for the next president to roll back rights in US and abroad – including draft policies

Links 6/20/2024

Are Extreme Stunt Climate Activists Like Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil Actually Fossil Fuel Industry Stooges? They Might as Well Be

Why deliberately offensive and therefore counterproductive climate change activism looks like a feature, not a bug.

Musk and Tesla: Compensation or Control?

The Elon Musk $48 Billion stock-option package and its implications for the EV transition

Courage or Hope? Facing the Climate Future

Yet another round of (nicely) trying to shake some sense into climate change remedy optimists.

Trump 2024 (Vegas) vs. Trump 2016 (Bangor): Rhetoric and Cognition

Trump’s mental acuity, voter appeal, and policies.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/19/2024

~ Today’s Water Cooler: Politics, pandemics; Democrat plotting; RFK doens’t make the cut for the debates; how a serious country (Finland) handled bird flu; The physics of knitting. ~